My Interview with Andrea Isaacs

For being apart of this series, Andrea Isaacs is giving you a free gift:

The Emotional Mastery Toolkit

After a brief assessment, you get: your Emotional Mastery Blueprint, a guide illustrating your gift and challenges, passions and roadblocks; the Emotional Mastery Interpretation Guide which explains what the scores mean; and access to “The Whammies Webinar” which goes in more depth about how to you can put an end to challenges that had consistently sidetracked you so you can go for what you want with new ease.

Andrea Isaacs is the creator of The Isaacs Method for Emotional Mastery, a key to having the life you want. For the past 26 years, she has been speaking, training and coaching thousands of people in 26 countries. She has become the “go to” person when you’re poised for what’s next, but holding back. With her guidance, you learn emotional mastery, relational mastery and life mastery. You get unstuck and step over the edge of your comfort zone, knowing you deserve the love you want, and show up with confidence and curiosity. You increase your radar for recognizing the right person and connect with new ease. When challenges arise, as they do in every relationship, you’ll have new tools for responding in a way that nurtures the relationship instead of challenging it. Her work supports you in being who you want to be in and out of a relationship, and attracting the right person. She was a founding faculty member of the Enneagram Institute Professional Training for 25 years where she taught “The Embodied Enneagram for Emotional Mastery.”

Interview Highlights:

  • Learn how discovering your Enneagram can help you literally alter your brain’s neural pathways and permanently change old, unhealthy relationship patterns into joyful, grounded patterns that enliven your life
  • Discover how her Emotional Mastery Toolkit and quiz help you find clarity where emotional confusion once was so you may heal from past pain
  • Find out what key element you can bring into your daily practice to help you embody the changes you wish to see

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