My Interview with Angela Gower-Johnson

“Gratitude Journal to Create the Relationship of Your Dreams”

Angela’s Short Bio From an early age, Angela Gower-Johnson has been gifted with an ability to perceive people’s energy and thoughts. Angela’s gift, natural curiosity and her desire to create shifts in her own life led her on an intensive journey into some of the world’s most potent ancient mystical practices. Her decades-long journey of spiritual and personal development has been nothing short of magical, and has borne incredibly powerful tools that yield results for anyone who uses them, within a remarkably short time. Today, Angela provides coaching and consulting services to entrepreneurs, coaches and artists who are eager to embark on their own quest for their ultimate dream. If you are ready for it, you too can experience the magic of working with Angela and discover what possibilities await you.

Interview Highlights:

  • Discover why gratitude is your dating superpower
  • Find out how you can call in a man who shows up
  • Learn how to shift out of beta energy to manifest your adoring man

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Manifestation Mastery – The Steps to Manifest Your Ultimate Dream Life


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