My Interview with Candice Oneida

For being apart of this series, Candice Oneida is giving you a free gift:

8 Ways To Get Quickly Into Your Feminine Energy

Candice Oneida has been teaching transformation, meditation and feminine superpowers for over 20 years, and has coached women from over 40 countries. She believes in using the power of your feminine energy and essence to attract whatever you want: whether it be a deeply committed loving relationship, a thriving business, a new house, a legacy project… All of her years of experience and research has earned her the title of Australias #1 Feminine Energy And Relationship Mentor.

Interview Highlights:

  • Discover what Candice calls the three S’s of attraction and what it is about them that works with men
  • Learn a super fun way to transition from masculine work mode into feminine ready for a date mode
  • Find out what the three feminine qualities men adore most are and how to bring them out easily from within you

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