My Interview with Cheryl Besner

“A PACT That Will Change Your Life”

After going through a divorce, Cheryl Besner decided to leap into the HR*(*Heart Relations) industry. First came her blog “365 days to find Love” in 2012, all about flying solo at the age of 50.  The same year Cheryl became a certified coach. In March of 2015, Cheryl launched her acclaimed radio show “Solo in the City” took the #1 spot on Saturday nights  on CJAD 800 on the IHeart Canadian radio network.

Cheryl’s now spreading her special brand of love on Voice America’s, “Variety Network” with her new show “Pillow Talk with Cheryl.  Each week listeners and guests will come together for intimate conversations about life, love and lust.

Interview Highlights:

  • Find out what Cheryl’s signature PACT is all about and why you want to make one
  • Discover how it is the women who must give the man the green light of interests first and how easy it actually is to do so when you know this
  • Learn how to avoid stepping on toes while showing up in your feminine to attract the relationship you desire

For being apart of this series, Cheryl Besner is giving you a free gift:

Get a front row seat to one of Cheryl’s acclaimed talks
and learn how to make your PACT.

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