My Fearless and Free Dating Mindset Master Course!

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In this five-part audio course, you’ll discover how to stop critiquing and start connecting with your date so you can see the real man and find out if there’s a chance for true love EVEN in the time of COVID.

I’m going to show you how to:

  • Ask compelling questions to see if he’s your kind of man
  • Avoid the wounded birds and find yourself a healed warrior
  • Be truly yourself on a date, feeling empowered and mesmerizing
  • Master a new way of communicating with him to know if he’s right for you
  • Bring the fun and magic back to all your dates

You will discover the curious questions to ask on a date that allows a man to share who he is naturally through his stories so the date feels like a fun experience he wants again and not a job interview he wants to run away from!

Big Love Awaits You!
~ Kate Houston, Dating &
Love Coach