My Interview with Dr. D Ivan Young

“Signs He’s the Right Man For You?”

Dr D Ivan Young is a certified master life coach, a certified professional diversity coach, a master credentialed neuro-linguistic programmer and a credentialed master MBTI practitioner.  Dr. Young has excelled as a master life coach for several years.  Since 1999, he has served as the President of Reality-N-3D Publishing, Inc., in Houston, TX.  In 2012, he earned a Doctor of Philosophy at the University of Sedona in Arizona.  A Published author and expert in the field, Dr. Young’s written works include “Break up, Don’t Break Down: The relationship manual,” in 2010; as well as “Another Chance…Where Would You Be Without One!”, in 2015.

Interview Highlights:

  • Discover how to become the source material for your own dream and BIGGER life
  • Find out what intrinsic motivation is and how to tap into it to live your most authentic life
  • Learn the incredible value in discomfort as a motivator to live into your more true self.

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Dr. Young is offering a couple of audience members
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Break Up Don’t Break Down.

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