My Interview with Dr. Sharon Cohen

“Red light – Green light: How to Tell If He’s a Keeper.”

Dr. Sharon Cohen works with smart, professional women who want to find the relationship of their dreams yet keep hearing things like “you’re such a catch,” “you’re too good for the men out there,” “I don’t understand why you’re still single” – so they’re confused too. These women often come to her confused wondering if they are intimidating men or why their relationships aren’t working out. Dr. Sharon believes that your internal and external messaging is off. She’s here to help you align what you’re saying and doing so that your communication is clear and you attract the life-long partner you’ve been desiring.

She specializes in healthy communication strategies and the social dynamics of men and women. She helps her clients attract and keep long-lasting love. She’s a master at translating what men say and what they mean. You’ll no longer be sitting alone at home trying to interpret cryptic messages. Dr. Sharon can help you interpret these hieroglyphics!

A native of Newport Beach, California, Dr. Sharon is a graduate of UCLA and received her Master of Social Work from University of Southern California. She received her PhD from the University of Texas at Austin, School of Social Work. She has an extensive background working in the psychiatric hospital setting with mental health issues and all forms of addictions. She sees clients in her Newport Beach office and via video conference or phone for those who aren’t in the local area.

Interview Highlights:

  • Discover why this type of dating can lead to answer where the man is trustworthy or not
  • Find out how playfully sharing with a man what you don’t want will lead to more dates with him
  • Learn what men truly mean when they say, “I’ll call you later,” or “I’d love to see you again,” and how knowing this will save you from heartache.

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