My Interview with Emilia Nagy

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How to Pick the Right Guy Checklist

Emilia Nagy is on a mission: to lead fierce visionaries into unapologetic conscious love, divine service, and global impact (by partnering powerfully with an amazing man – and all men)! Emilia stands for the spiritual, political, social and economic power of all women, supported fully by the men who love them. She helps women connect to their creativity by facilitating sacred space for a deep inner vision, healing of wounds, injuries, and dishonor, claiming their sovereign creative power and dating discerningly for a true loving partnership. She lives in San Diego with her soulmate Emil, daughter Alessandra, and rottweiler Bernie. She has never been happier. Every step towards a more peaceful relationship is a foundation for a more peaceful world.

Interview Highlights:

  • Find out practical tips you can implement now to help you reclaim your feminine confidence after heartbreak
  • Learn why the Peter-Pan boys keep showing up and what you can do to change that so you attract your confident man instead
  • Discover what the genuine qualities are in an extraordinary man and why you want to look for them instead of using your man checklist

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