My Interview with Hemalayaa Behl

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Embody Meditation Series to Meet Your Divine Feminine

Hemalayaa is a mentor, yogini, dancer and embodiment coach.
Musing and mentoring badass women in upleveling their work, relationships and purpose to make a massive positive impact in the world!
Hemalayaa’s magnetic energy leads all into a liberated state of being: empowered in true self-acceptance and a passion for life. She has been featured in numerous publications such as NY Times, Origin, Yoga Journal, LA Times, and Shape, as well as on the talk shows Ellen, Lisa Oz, and The Today Show.

Interview Highlights:

  • Learn why connecting with your three archetypes is imperative for you to release your divine feminine worth, spiritual integrity, pleasure and power
  • Discover how play and pleasure are actually key to opening up to the vulnerability within ourselves and with men
  • Find out how it’s about being real and vulnerable in the human experience that creates intimacy with men

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