My Interview with Klara Adalena

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Masterclass: The 5 Shifts Women Who Found A Soulmate Know… That Other Women Don’t

Klara Adalena is a love and dating mentor to CEO’s and other successful leaders and her 8 week program is the absolute top in Europe. She’s passionate about showing sisters how to take your love fate back in your hands, and that when you do, you can be with a soulmate in 8 weeks – even if you’re stuck in dating right now. Women love her for my clarity and warmth, and for not only finding a partner but the quality of their new relationships. For her, she’s so proud to be the “grandma” of babies from couples she’s helped bring together!

Interview Highlights:

  • Find out why the first 90 seconds of meeting a man makes or breaks the possibility of love and what you can do about it
  • Learn how to stop believing it’s impossible and start finding love in 8 weeks
  • Discover how you can take action without scaring a man away to get the love you deserve

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