My Interview with Laura Kennedy

Laura is the Soulmate Attraction Coach for women who want lasting love. Her unique approach incorporates yoga philosophy and Law of Attraction tools to help her clients shift their energy (what she likes to call their Love Vibration!) and take aligned action to not only bring in a loving relationship with the partner of their dreams, but to also make it last! Her approachable, caring spirit is at the forefront of her work and felt by all of her clients. She currently lives in Nova Scotia, Canada with her partner, Caleb, and absolutely loves the life they have together.

Interview Highlights:

  • Discover how to raise your Love Vibration by doing this one thing
  • Learn how practicing two yogic principles in particular can shift the kind of man you attract
  • Find out how these unconscious motives are driving your romantic experiences and how to bring it to the conscious so you can take back the driver’s seat

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