My Interview with Laura Menze

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The Red Flags Dating Checklist

Want To Take Your Blinders Off And Maintain Objectivity When Dating?
You’ll wonder what you ever did without it!

Laura Menze coaches clients in all areas of their lives, but specializes in helping singles find, create, and keep an amazing love – and the fine art of self-matching. She’s all about creating more love in the world. She’s the Chief Love Officer at her company, Ready-Match, hosts The Denver Singles Summit, is a featured coach on the television series, Radical Dating – Breaking Through The Barriers to Find Lasting Love After 40, a Professional Coach Trainer for The Relationship Coaching Institute.

Interview Highlights:

  • Find out the best way to create your relationship list and how to also show up open and flexible to how your man might creatively meet what you most desire
  • Learn what to do to catch sneaky, self-sabotaging behaviors you didn’t know you have running your dating life
  • Discover how learning to date in Laura’s Self-Matching method might at first feel so uncomfortable and foreign, like landing in China, but is THE path to creating the relationship you’ve dreamed of

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