My Interview with Marci Fedor

“Removing Patterns to Free Yourself to Become a Happier More Vibrant You”

Marci Fedor is The Relationship Recovery Coach.

Marci is known for helping single adults to prioritize self-care after a breakup, to overcome obstacles and identify outdated patterns that lead to more heartache, and to raise personal vibrations to attract authentic high frequency people. She uses several techniques that combine brain science, behavior modification, visualizations, and guided meditations to help her clients to total transformation.

Interview Highlights:

  • Find out what the five core birthrights are and how interruptions to them have dramatically influenced our romantic relationships – and what you can do to heal them
  • Learn how self-care is all about raising your vibration
  • Discover how the brain creates old patterns and how to break them by doing these simple things

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Hot Mess to Hot Stuff – How to Get Your Sexy Back after a Breakup


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