My Interview with Marcy Neumann

For being apart of this series, Marcy Neumann is giving you a free gift:

5 Day 2020 Hindsight to Foresight Challenge

Marcy Neumann is an expert extraordinaire with over 45 years on her professional journey – and has been guided by her own teachings of Self Love, building a Self Love lifestyle, energy reading and healing and transformation in her own proprietary process known as HeartShifting. These shifts lead to an unshakeable, solid, lasting Self Love that not only gets you the life you want, you deserve and you were born to live…but it sustains you and keeps you centered and coming back to your authentic self.

Interview Highlights:

  • Discover what HeartShifting is and how you can master it to live you most authentic life
  • Find out how to free yourself from your past energy patterns so you may attract your adoring, heart-centered man
  • Learn how you can have A-Ha epiphany moments like Marcy that allow you to have courageous, loving conversations with yourself and open you up to the bigger life you were meant to live right now

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