My Interview with Michelle Baxo

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Power Love Workshop

Free access to this interactive look at 6 effective ways powerful women find love without compromising themselves. Bring a pen and paper!

Michelle Baxo, Executive Coach & Founder of Power Love Woman guides people in a unique approach to love and power in their life, including radical self-love and acceptance, finding love, relationships, and loving life. Since Michelle strongly believes that the issue is never ‘out there’ but instead it’s ‘in here’, she took it upon herself to design a project that would force her to expose exactly how she is getting in her own way and find lasting love already! In only 4 weeks, everything shifted, including being asked out by Tommy, the now love of her life and father of her baby girl.

Interview Highlights:

  • Learn how this one thing is the key to living an awesome and sexy life!
  • Discover why it’s so hard to do this one thing that drives men to fall in love and how you can shift out of that block and into his arms
  • Find out how to break free of your dating fears and step into the relationship you’ve always dreamed of – starting from the very first date!

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