My Interview with Raeeka Yaghmai

“How to Find Love as a High-Achieving, Ambitious Single Woman Without Compromising Your Independence, Career Success and Freedom”

Raeeka Yaghmai, CEO and founder of Dating with Confidence™ is a certified dating and relationship coach. She works with high-achieving and ambitious single women through her Quality Man Method and shows them how to break the repeated patterns of attracting the same wrong guys, reprogram their dating operating system, and find their life long partner. She’s been featured in Your Tango, Blog Talk Radio, Nourishing Real Talk, KIRN 670am, Guy’s Guy Radio,, Elite Daily, The Bright Side Of Life, and Learn It Live. She coaches women virtually by phone or Skype all around the world through private sessions, group classes, and do-it-yourself online courses.

Interview Highlights:

  • Learn the single most important way to trust men
  • Discover whose job it is to trust the dating process and how knowing this will free you
  • Find out how to break free from old dating and love stories and create healthy heart habits instead

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