My Interview with Robyn Vogel

“Reboot Your Libido No Matter Your Age”

Robyn Vogel, LMHC and Founder of Come Back to Love, Inc. Featured in the BOSTON GLOBE, REDBOOK, CBC PUBLIC RADIO for her expert teaching on how to “Come Back To Love” Robyn Vogel, Psychotherapist and Certified Sex Coach is inspiring couples and individuals alike to skyrocket their sex lives, boost their libidos naturally and fall deeply in love with themselves and their partners. Robyn is steeped in the science and the spiritual, a unique combination of Eastern and Western philosophies and practices.

Interview Highlights:

  • Learn how to the doctors have it all wrong when it comes to women and sexual energy
  • Discover where those first limiting beliefs around pleasure and your body may have began
  • Find out what use it or lose it means related to your body and pleasure and what you can do about it right now

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