My Interview with Sandy Weiner

For being apart of this series, Sandy Weiner is giving you a free gift:

First Date Success Tips

If the men you’re attracted to are not asking for a second date, while the needy or boring guys can’t wait to see you again, download this recording today!

Sandy Weiner is passionate about helping women communicate and lead with power and grace. She guides women to know their true worth, do work that lights them up, and live up to their potential in every way. Sandy believes a woman of value gets the respect and rewards she deserves.

Interview Highlights:

  • Discover what you can do to create ease for yourself before every date so that you may relieve anxieties you feel
  • Learn the six steps Sandy says need to happen in order for you to shift and create connection with a man
  • Find out why entering into every date ready to discover things about a man is the key to finding true love

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