My Interview with Xanet Pailet

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A Free Master Class Reclaim Your Desire & Reignite Your Love Life

If you are struggling with your desire for sex or lack self confidence in yourself and your body, this free Masterclass will provide you with quick and easy tools that you can use right away to reclaim your desire and reignite your love life.

Sex and intimacy coach and educator, “Janea” Xanet Pailet believes that pleasure is our birthright, and she is passionate about helping women find their way back into their bodies, their desires, and their pleasure. Over the past decade she has helped women who are sexually shut down learn how to love themselves, their body, and reclaim their desire.

Interview Highlights:

  • Discover the one thing that is a magnet to men that you will feel empowered by
  • Find out why so many women have a hard time surrendering into exploration and curiosity in the bedroom and the magic you have within you to shift this right now
  • Learn the simple ways you can give yourself permission to receive, permission to enjoy and permission to ask for what you want and desire to feel your pleasure and joy

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